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Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver, British Columbia; 2014 448 pages; ISBN 978-1927958209
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"Jack London and Robert Service together could not make this up. Whether or not you have been to the far North your impression of it will never be the same after reading this improbably true tale of redefining boundaries, shattering stereotypes and tempting fate."  |  S. Busters

"Done with humor and excellent testament to the human spirit."  |  John Skilbred, North Carolina

John Firth/Jamaica Dogsled Team, 328 Pages
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"A wonderful read"  |  National Outdoor Book Awards (United States)

"A breathtaking journey...the next most vivid thing to embarking upon a Klondike gold rush recreation oneself."  |  Midwest Book Review

"Brings to life the vivid scenery of the Yukon and the stark reality faced by three men stampeding from Dyea to Dawson, separated by a century."  |  Vancouver Province

NeWest Press, Edmonton, Alberta; 2004 288 pages; ISBN 1-896300-66-9
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"Both the story of a disease and the program of its global eradication and a personal journey in search of identity and meaning in life. Building his journey or family, community and country makes our future look much brighter."  |  David Neufeld, author/historian

"Amazing...the inspiring story of how one individual can make a difference in the world...For anyone that had faced challenges or adversity, this book shows what the difference a positive attitude can make."  |  Reader review from

"Exciting, compelling and enjoyable read and provides unique insight into the polio problem."  |  Judges comment from Writers Digest book awards

Trafford Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia; 2009 _ pages; ISBN 978-1-4251-9103-0
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The 1000-mile dog sled race through the Yukon and Alaska

"Those with an interest in or a passion for one of the last earthly frontiers will find lots here to please them. And those looking for adventure will find it."  |  Linda Richards

"Lively, interesting...beguiling"  |  Canadian Book Review Annual

"A great contribution to the sport...remarkable"  |  Team & Trail

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